'Worth dying for'

Please see the full story for Hannah's experience of Flame 2017 at Wembley Arena.

Flame 2017

On the 11th of March 2017 I gathered in Wembley Arena with over 9,000 other young Catholics. This was a huge sign of how God is working in my generation and also visually amazing, showing how the Church is coming alive!  Me, along with all other young Catholics, are taking it upon ourselves to ensure the Church continues to grow and help other young people to experience our amazing faith!.

The whole day was filled with talks from great speakers such as Cardinal Charles Bo, Mike Pilavachi, David Wells and many more. We also had performances from the Rise Theatre Company and times of praise and worship lead by Matt Redman as well as the One Hope Project. The day also gave me chance to meet so many young people who share in my faith.

We had some amazing teachings all throughout the day but the thing that stood out to me the most was the message of love and worth that the speaker Mike Pilavachi spoke about. Mike told us a story about how he visited a country where when a man wanted to marry a woman they would pay for her, but the way they would pay is in cows. If they thought the woman was average then she was worth 2 1/2 cows, if she was exceptional then 5 cows, but if they thought she wasn't worth allot then they would pay 1/2 a cow. Mike went on to say how some of the men he met were laughing and he asked to know what they were laughing about? They said that one of the men had paid 5 cows for someone who was worth 2 1/2 cows, but the man that paid the 5 cows said that he paid how much he thought she was worth! Mike said that this is what Jesus thought of us, that we were worth dying for. So we should walk around knowing that this is our worth.

I've always found it hard living as a young Catholic in today's world. I would be at school and rarely find the opportunity to freely talk about my faith without feeling like I was the only one that had it, but flame really opened my eyes to see that there are so many others that want to be open and have conversations about our huge and wonderful God!

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